9 Best Espresso Machine Under $200: The Affordable Options

If you are in a hurry and just want to know what the best espresso machine under $200 is, the one we are recommending is the Coffee ‘Cafe Barista’ Espresso Machine.

Do you want to satisfy your caffeine fix without having to drive to your favorite cafe? Get yourself an espresso machine for a price range of just around $200!

espresso machine with a portafilter filled with ground coffee, best espresso machine under $200

These budget-friendly espresso machines are perfect for any home or office. For a true coffee lover, this appliance is a staple on your kitchen counter.

If you’re eyeing on getting one, we saved you the hassle and reviewed some of the best espresso machines on a budget:

Best Espresso Machines Under $200 Reviews

Coffee ‘Cafe Barista’ Espresso Machine – Best Overall

For the past 50 years, Mr. Coffee has been a leader in the industry for the optimal extraction of rich Italian flavors using quality coffee grounds. It’s no wonder it’s on top choice for the best espresso machine under $200!


  • 15 Bar Pump
  • Stainless Steel
  • Automatic Milk Frother
  • One-Touch Control Panel
  • Removable Water Tank


If you love a sleek appliance, this stainless steel finish is sure to shine alongside your appliances. You can choose the color design in silver, white, or red.

It weighs 10.37 pounds and has a water and milk reservoir at 54 ounces, meaning you don’t need to worry about constant refilling.

The package includes a portafilter, plastic tamper, and single and double shot filters.


Mr. Coffee is a semi-automatic espresso maker using a 15-bar pump for best tasting coffee.

If you are looking for a no-brainer machine, the Mr. Coffee espresso machine is one of the easiest to use. It has a simple 3-button interface with automatic and manual options.

With an automated frother, you can make a variety of coffee drinks. You can be your barista and whip yourself a latte, espresso, and cappuccino in no time!

You simply have to pick whether you want a single or double shot, select your coffee beans, fill the milk reservoir, and choose your brew. 

Is Mr. Coffee ‘Cafe Barista’ for You?

If you have a large family or love hosting guests, Mr. Coffee can brew up to five cups at a time.

  • Semi-automatic
  • Easy to fill water and milk reservoir
  • Auto-off feature
  • Simple interface
  • Automatic milk frother
  • Easy maintenance
  • One-year warranty
  • Adjustable control knob
  • Includes recipe book
  • Heavy
  • More expensive than others
  • Some tricky parts to assemble and disassemble
  • Inconsistent temperature and pressure
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De’Longhi EC155 Espresso Machine – Best Value

Our second choice for the best espresso machine under 200 dollars gives the most value for money.


  • 15 Bar Pump
  • Stainless Steel
  • Manual Frother
  • 3-in-1 Filter Holder
  • Advanced Cappuccino System


If you’re on a tight budget, this manual machine is priced just right for any barista to get more hands-on in brewing.

It weighs at just 6.68 pounds and has a compact black look, making it a great space saver for your kitchen or office pantry.


The De’Longhi EC155 boasts an Advanced Cappuccino System. It maintains temperatures at an optimal level, so you don’t have to fuss about start-up preparations all the time. 

These De’Longhi coffee machines have a three-in-one filter holder to hold one espresso shot, two espresso shots, or a quick fix espresso pod.

It has a dual thermostat to control water and steam temperatures separately. Along with its 15-bar pressure, this espresso coffee maker assures you get coffee to your taste preference.

It comes with a cup tray, a removable 35-ounce water tank, and a swivel manual milk frother. Its built-in tamper is made of plastic, so you might want to change it up with a metal one for long-lasting use.

Is the De’Longhi EC155 for You?

If you want to brew just like the pros, this compact espresso and cappuccino maker gives you quality beverages like it’s from your favorite coffee shop, yet in the comforts of your home.

  • Value for money
  • Lightweight
  • One-year warranty
  • Brews single and double shots
  • Compatible with ESE pods and coffee grounds
  • Easy to clean and dishwasher safe
  • Space-saving design
  • Many plastic components
  • Not so user-friendly interface
  • Few automatic features
  • Small water tank
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De’Longhi EC702 Espresso Machine

The De’Longhi brand sure knows a thing or two about making good tasting coffee at home. For that reason, here is our second De’Longhi espresso machine recommendation.


  • 15-Bar Pump pressure
  • Stainless Steel
  • Automatic Self Primer
  • Patented Filter Holder
  • Removable Water Reservoirs


The De’Longhi EC702 is a compact machine with a metallic finish, perfect for any classic kitchen design. 

It weighs 11.5 pounds, making it quite heavy but also rather sturdy and durable.

Its easy-to-use frother is situated at the side, so you don’t have to worry about it getting in the way of your brew. It includes a special chamber that can mix steam and milk for a rich, creamy froth too.

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Any espresso machine buyer will love its automatic self-priming operation and no-drip design. This makes sure you get your coffee conveniently and mess-free.

You get to brew perfect cups with two separate thermostats for water and steam. Its Rapid Cappuccino System makes sure to maintain optimal temperatures, so you don’t have to wait between brews.

It has a Sempre Crema filter and an Easy Serving Espresso (ESE) filter, compatible with both ground coffee beans or pods.

Lastly, it has a 44 oz removable water reservoir, and easy to monitor water levels, so you don’t have to guess if you need refilling soon. 

Many users, however, have experienced some difficulty removing the water reservoir for cleaning. A little nudge can do the trick!

Is The De’Longhi EC702 for You?

For convenient espressos, cappuccinos, and lattes, this 15-bar pump espresso machine can whip you up cup after cup in no time!

  • Large water tank
  • Built-in milk frother
  • One-year warranty
  • Brews single and double shots
  • Compatible with ESE pods and coffee grounds
  • Nice silver stainless steel finish
  •  Heavy
  •  More expensive
  •  Many plastic components
  •  Hard to remove the water tank
  • Mixed reviews on customer service
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Nespresso Vertuo Coffee Machine by Breville

This espresso maker has features you don’t want to miss! The Nespresso Vertuo delivers instant enjoyment with delicious and aromatic blends of flavor in capsules.


  • 5 Cups Capacity
  • Plastic
  • Barcode Blend Recognition
  • Centrifusion Extraction Technology
  • One-Touch Instant Brewing


The construction of these espresso makers is made with convenience in mind. 

It has a simple one-touch brewing function that pre-heats in only 15-20 seconds. 

Its cup support accommodates 5 cup sizes: 

  • Alto Coffee (14 oz)
  • Coffee (8 oz)
  • Gran Lungo (5 oz)
  • Double Espresso (2.7 oz)
  • Espresso (1.35 oz)

It automatically ejects the capsules after every brew making it no hassle and easy to clean.

It has a compact and sleek design with a chrome finish, so it’s easy to store on your kitchen counter. Finally, it has a removable water reservoir that can store up to 40 oz or 1.2 liters. 


The Nespresso Vertuo has got to be one of the smartest machines on our list.

The Vertuo uses an extraction system that reads the barcodes on the side of the capsule container to determine exactly the brewing processes it requires.

With the Centrifusion system, every capsule is activated and spun 7,000 times per minute. The finely roasted ground coffee blends with water to produce satisfying sips of freshly brewed cups of joe.

Is the Nespresso Vertuo by Breville for You?

This espresso maker features an impeccable reputation for convenient and energy-saving brewing. It’s great for any household that has a daily habit of satisfying a caffeine fix. 

It’s a great gift idea for coffee-loving friends too. Its welcome set includes 12 large Nespresso VertuoLine capsules. What more can you ask for?

  • Quick heating time of 15-20 seconds only
  • Adjustable cup support
  • One-touch selection for brewed coffee or espresso
  • Automatically shuts off after 9 minutes of inactivity
  • 5 cup sizes
  • Only compatible on Nespresso Vertuo capsules only
  • Limited variety and flavors
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Nespresso Vertuo Evoluo by De’Longhi

We can’t get enough of the Nespresso VertuoLine capsules, so here’s another coffee maker you can get your hands on for convenient brewing.


  • Plastic
  • Barcode Blend Recognition
  • Centrifusion Extraction Technology
  • 2 Cup Sizes
  • Large Water Reservoir
  • Flow Stop Feature


These espresso makers are made of durable plastic and have a titan black finish. It looks very classy and catchy enough to be your favorite appliance on the countertop.

It has an extra-large water tank that can carry up to 54 ounces of water. To no surprise, this volume can serve up to 17 capsules easily.

Although it weighs in heavy at 12.96 pounds, it is durable enough to hold itself.


Like the Breville, the DeLonghi version for Nespresso Vertuo also uses the patented extraction technology. It can read barcodes to adjust the machine according to the brewing parameters of your chosen grand cup.

It can conveniently serve two cup sizes: 7.7-ounce coffee and 1.35-ounce espresso. You can achieve great blends in an instant with one touch of a button.

If you get the bundle, the Aerocon 3 makes smooth and finely textured milk to complement your favorite coffee recipes.

Is The Nespresso Vertuo Evoluo by De’Longhi for You?

This coffee machine boasts an energy-saving feature that automatically switches it off after being idle after 9 minutes. If this concern matters to you, then consider this a great espresso machine option.

  • 2 cup sizes
  • Adjustable mug tray
  • Reads barcodes for quality brewing
  • Power saving feature 
  • Large water capacity
  • Inconsistent temperature
  • Makes a bit of noise
  • Heavy
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Cuisinart EM-200 Espresso Maker

Do you want to make gourmet quality espresso at home? The programmable Cuisinart EM-200 can deliver maximum flavors for everyone to enjoy.


  • 15-Bar Pump
  • Programmable
  • Stainless Steel
  • Removable Water Tank
  • Steamer and Water Control Dials
  • Cup Warmer


The Cuisinart espresso maker, at first glance, boasts functionality and elegance. Its design features a durable stainless steel with a metallic finish.

This espresso maker has a removable 64 oz reservoir for convenient filling and cleaning. Its steamer functions separately too.

Other parts and accessories include

  • Cup-warming tray
  • Removable drip tray
  • Portafilter
  • Frothing cup
  • Tamping tool


You can pre-program the machine to make single or double espresso shots. You can choose to have a cup size of 1.5 oz or 3 oz too.

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You can brew 1 to 2 cups at a time with espresso pods or coffee grounds.

Its portafilter with a locking device makes it easy to use and dispose of the grounds.

It comes with a lot of buttons and processes to help you make great beverages to your preference. 

Is the Cuisinart EM-200 for You?

Cuisinart boasts its capabilities of “bringing the good life home.” With this espresso maker, you can find many fun and easy ways to entertain.

  • Pre-programmable brews and cup sizes
  • Can use coffee grounds or pods
  • Easy switch from brew to steam
  • Easy to use a milk frother
  • Powerful and multi-functioning
  • 3- year warranty
  • Heavy
  • Makes wheezing noise when frothing
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Klarstein Passionata Pump Espresso Machine

The Klarstein is your small but affordable espresso machine, made to stand out in modern kitchens.


  • 15-Bar Pressure Pump
  • Stainless Steel
  • 6-Cup Capacity
  • Automatic Pressure Release


The Klarstein Passionata espresso machine stands smaller than most but carries an elegance that screams functionality and design.

It highlights a stainless steel design with a sleek silver finish and black outlines.

It has a large water tank that can carry up to 1.25 liters, equivalent to 6 cups of coffee.


This multi-functional espresso machine has a portafilter that can deliver a double espresso in 25 seconds. 

At this price point, it’s surprising to find a cup warmer in the package. You also get a measuring scoop that you can use as a tamper.

It also comes with a removable drip tray with stainless steel grids, removable nozzle attachments for milk frothing, and non-slip rubber pads for easy cleaning.

This powerful manual model is simple and easy to use. One downside is the pre-heating function, which takes a minute to reach boiling temperature.

Is the Klarstein Passionata for You?

If you’re looking for a cheaper investment, the Klarstein is your best bet. Just be wary of taking extra care as the product may not be so durable.

  • Very affordable
  • Comes with attachments and other inclusions
  • Large water reservoir
  • Powerful and multi-functional
  • Elegant design
  • Takes time to pre-heat
  • Makes noise
  • Case not so sturdy

STARESSO Portable Espresso Maker

Craving for freshly brewed coffee at the office? How about while camping for the weekend? The Staresso Portable espresso maker has got you covered.


  • Manual 
  • Plastic and Metal 
  • 15-20 Bars of Pressure
  • Lightweight and Travel-Friendly


The STARESSO is the smallest espresso machine on our list. It weighs only 0.97 pounds and can only hold up to 80 ml of water.

With access to hot water, you can carry this around and enjoy a tasty espresso at home, while working, and even while hiking.

Its exterior features BPA-free plastic along with a stainless steel pump & coffee chamber construction to give you a safe cup of coffee every morning.

Its compact, lightweight, and portable design, matched with a choice of either color black and white, makes this machine an easy seller.


Make coffee effortlessly by hand with the STARESSO. It promises to deliver up to 20 bars of pressure for optimal brews.

It can only make one cup at a time, but that’s exactly what you would expect from a compact unit like this.

It’s compatible with both ground beans and Nespresso pods.

They are really easy to maintain too. Just a few rinses, and voila, you can pack it away.

With travel-friendly features, you get value for your money; however, it’s not the most durable.

Is the STARESSO for You?

Are you always on the go? Do you prefer brewing your coffee rather than stopping by a coffee shop? The Staresso portable espresso machine can save you a buck!

  • Affordable
  • Very lightweight
  • Portable and travel friendly
  • Two-year warranty
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Sleek and compact look
  • Compatible with coffee grounds and Nespresso pods
  •  Not meant for daily use
  •  Less durable plastic exterior
  •  Small capacity
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Aicook Espresso Machine 6858

Having a semi-automatic espresso machine gives you a lot of opportunities to offer friends and family with a variety of drinks. The Aicook gets a lot done in just one press of a button!


  • 15-Bar Pressure Pump
  • One-Touch Operation
  • Large Water Reservoir
  • Energy Saving Function
  • Frothing Wand


The Aicook espresso machines have a compact and modern design. Made of both plastic and stainless steel, and finished with black and silver comes elegance and class.

It features a water reservoir that can hold up to 1.8 liters located at the rear, which many users have expressed, makes it hard to tell the level it is already at.

It does, however, have a convenient hinged lid for convenient attaching and detaching. 


This device features a portafilter that can accommodate both single or double shots. The distance between the filter and its catch tray can work for cups up to 5.3″ tall.

It has a built-in milk-frothing wand for excellent froth control. You can make fantastic cappuccinos and lattes in an instant.

Its milk reservoir in the front is also detachable, making it easy to clean and refill.

At the top, you’ll find one-touch buttons for you to choose exactly how you want your coffee to be. 

Is The Aicook Coffee Maker 6858 for You?

This unit takes no special skill to operate. You can have quality no-stress brews to start your day right! At this price tag, it’s a deal!

  •  Space saver
  • Large water reservoir
  • Easy to use digital interface
  • Automatic milk frother
  • Energy-saving features
  • Value for money
  • 2-Year Warranty
  • Hard to monitor water levels
  • The control panel does not respond well
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Best Espresso Machines Under $200 Buying Guide

Whether you’re buying the best espresso machines under $200 or at a much higher price range, you have to determine what you need.

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Here are 10 features to consider:


First things first, you should know how often you plan on using your espresso machine. It’s vital to deciding its build quality.

Most and even the best espresso machines under $200 are made of plastic.

If you plan on working on them all day, you might encounter overheating and malfunctioning. This should help you determine its longevity. Also, make sure these are BPA-free.

For a personal home espresso machine, a budget-friendly one will suffice. For commercial purposes, we recommend a professional-grade machine to withstand the pressure.

Grinding Capacity

Espresso machines will either have a built-in coffee grinder or a separate grinder. You will often find a built-in grinder in a super-automatic machine.

On that note, it’s better to invest in high-quality grinders, even though it’s expensive. It’s worth the expense.

Even the best espresso machine for under $200 will require a separate grinder.

Go for automatic machines with higher grinding capacities if you are brewing for a lot of people. This should save you loads of time and effort brewing shot after shot.

Water Capacity

Most espresso machines can carry water enough for 8 cups of espresso. 

Commercial grade machines will require an attachment to a water source. For the best espresso machines under $200 we reviewed, this is not a worry.

These budget espresso machines are meant for home use and do not require constant refilling.


If you don’t plan to use your espresso machine every day, you would want to get one you can easily store in the cupboard.

A large machine could be tedious to store safely.

If you don’t have much counter space, there are many small, hand-operated manual espresso machines in the market to consider. These are very lightweight and portable. 

Keep an eye on these. They’re great to take to the office, or even on a weekend camping trip!


An espresso maker will take a huge chunk of space on your kitchen counter. Seeing as how it’s immediately noticeable, you might as well pick one that makes great coffee and also looks pleasing to the eye.

It’s a matter of preference, though. You can opt for shiny stainless steel models, plastic models, or low-key black profile models.

Ideally, you’d want it to complement the rest of your appliances.

Apart from the color or material of its exterior, there are critical factors to consider that might raise a problem, for example, brewing head and spout placement, cord length, and location of controls. 

If these are placed in an awkward position, brewing and pouring could be difficult.

Ease of Use

Experienced coffee makers love showing off their barista skills.

A manual type allows you to be more hands-on when it comes to water temperature control and other brewing processes.

If you simply want an espresso shot at a glance and don’t want to put in a lot of clockwork on a new machine, we recommend going for a semi-automatic model.

For the under $200 categories, you won’t find a lot of automation like built-in grinders and self-tampering. That doesn’t mean they will be too difficult to use. An extra step won’t hurt!

Ease of Cleaning

Sanitizing an espresso machine can be a chore. It is, however, essential to keep it operating at optimal levels. 

If you don’t have the patience to incorporate a cleaning routine, you might want to consider a self-rinsing feature. At a $200 price range, you won’t always find this.

The removable drip tray, the swivel steam wand, the water receptacle, and other essential equipment you should extensively clean. Make sure to use the right kinds of soap to clean these parts and rinse them well.

The lack of maintenance could make your coffee drink taste awful.

Temperature and Pressure

To pull off a good shot of espresso, you must push pressurized hot water to tightly packed coffee grounds. 

The industry standard is nine bars or nine times the atmospheric pressure at sea level. Many brewers say the pressure of 15 to 17 bars makes the best espresso shot. 

An ideal brewing temperature of 194 degrees is necessary for the best coffee experience. If your machine can’t get a good espresso shot at this consistent rate, look for another one.

Coffee Beans and Coffee Pods

For the best-tasting espresso shot, you need to have finely ground beans. It’s best to take whole beans and ground them just before brewing for the freshest flavors.

If this step takes too much of your time, you can opt for espresso capsule machines. You simply have to insert a pod, and the capsule machine does everything in a jiff!


An espresso machine has a lot of moving parts that require constant assembling and disassembling. For this reason, a warranty can be of great value.

All machines have at least a one-year warranty, but some can go up to 10 years.


Our top pick for the best espresso machine under $200 would be the Mr. Coffee ‘Cafe Barista’ Espresso MachineIt has great automatic features and a simple interface, making it very easy to use, especially in a rush.

For coffee lovers on a smaller budget, our best value pick is the De’Longhi EC155 Espresso Machine. It is lightweight, has manual features, and does a satisfying job at brewing a good cup of coffee without breaking the bank.

It’s only a matter of time before you find the best espresso machine under $200 that suits your home!

We hope our reviews have been of great help. If you still feel unsure about which appliance to decide on, review our simple buying guide.

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