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Hamilton Beach Flexbrew Review: Is it Worth the Cost?

If you love coffee, you must be looking into bringing the best coffee experience home.

Getting coffee outside can be expensive! With the right machine, you can have your coffee any time you like for a better price.

With coffee machines, you want something versatile and easy to operate. Hamilton Beach FlexBrew is a coffee maker that promises those and more.

Read our review below to see if it’s worth a buy!

What Is Hamilton Beach FlexBrew?

Hamilton Beach FlexBrew is a programmable, two-way coffee maker. You can serve coffee using two methods, brewing coffee in three different ways.

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On the single-serve side, you can brew single-serve coffee with your favorite ground coffee. Or, you can choose to use a pod, like the K-Cup® Pod.

What’s a K-Cup® Pod? They’re single servings of coffee you can put into Keurig brand coffee machines. We may just refer to them as a K-Cup in this article.

Pods generally refer to sealed tea or coffee inside the filter paper.

A K-Cup and a coffee pod are different from one another, and there are coffee machines that can’t brew either one. Thankfully, Hamilton Beach FlexBrew is compatible with both.

Brewing a cup of coffee using a pod provides up to 10 ounces. Meanwhile, ground coffee provides coffee for a 14 oz., 7-1/4″ tall travel mug.

On the other side, you can brew up to 12 cups or an entire carafe. You can also customize your coffee brew strength and program coffee to come in the morning.


  • Height: 13.7 inches
  • Width: 12.2 inches
  • Depth: 11.4 inches
  • Weight: 6.37 pounds

Comes with:

  • Two (2) water reservoirs
  • Cup rest with storage area
  • Has a carafe side
  • Has a single-serve side
  • 2-hour shut-off feature


  • Compatible with both K-Cups and other pod brands
  • Three-way brewing makes it easier to serve yourself and large groups of people
  • Water reservoirs feature water windows for easier filling
  • Programmable with a brew strength selector
  • Comes with a pod piercing assembly tool for easy cleaning


  • Can only brew one cup at a time
  • No scheduled single brewing cycle 
  • Can only clean one side at a time

Hamilton Beach: A Brief History

Behind this handy coffee maker is the company Hamilton Beach. They’re a company that designs and distributes home and commercial restaurant equipment.

It’s quite likely that you or your loved ones have their products as mainstays on their kitchen countertops! After all, Hamilton Beach has been around for several years.

The company is dedicated to providing unique solutions to different problems in the kitchen. They pioneered custom breakfast sandwiches, scoop and filter coffee machines, and ultra-durable iron soleplates.

Committed to creative innovations for more flavorful experiences, Hamilton Beach company gives us Hamilton Beach FlexBrew, a powerful 2-way coffee maker.

Like their other innovations, Hamilton Beach FlexBrew is the answer to several unmet customer needs in the coffee maker market.

While a bit on the higher end of prices – at $99.99 – the power it holds is unexpected for a machine.

This is a good purchase for any dedicated home lover and coffee enthusiast.

Things to Consider Before Buying A Dual Coffee Maker

Before you commit to buying a 2-way coffee maker, there are some things to consider. We curated a few considerations before buying one!


A two-way coffee maker can be “dual” in different ways. For example, the Hamilton Beach FlexBrew coffee maker supports brewing coffee grounds or coffee pods.

You can choose to brew it on the single-serve side or the carafe side.

Other coffee makers have different features. They may be similar to Hamilton Beach FlexBrew or entirely different. They can offer to brew caffeine on one side and a different beverage on the other.

For example, a coffee maker may come with a hot water dispenser. This dispenser makes it possible to serve other drinks, like hot tea or cocoa.

Other coffee makers may have built-in grinders

So, it’s best to consider what duality you want your coffee maker to have.

If you’re not the type to drink coffee pods, then it may be best to go for one with a hot water dispenser. If you want fresher coffee, you want one that has a built-in grinder.


How do you take your coffee? It’s important to ask this question as dual coffee makers come with different customization options.

If you’re fine with a traditional coffee maker, then a dual coffee maker isn’t a necessary purchase.

Traditional coffee makers are for coffee grounds, and you only have to wait for a few minutes for your cup of coffee.

After, you can choose to add your usual creamer and sweetener. If that’s already enough for you, then reconsider a dual coffee maker purchase.

What makes a dual coffee maker stand out is its versatility. From K-Cups to whole beans and even instant coffee, the type of dual coffee maker you choose can accommodate a lot.

But if a simple cup of coffee is enough, there might be no need! You might be better off with a traditional coffee maker and a full pot of coffee.


Space is a double-edged sword with dual coffee makers. For example, you can save space on kitchen countertops as it is two machines in one.

On the other hand, a dual coffee maker may be bulky. A solution to this is checking the product dimensions right away.

So, check: how’s your kitchen space? Is it going to be worth it?

What are the Features of Hamilton Beach FlexBrew?

Hamilton Beach comes with different features that are testaments to its efficiency and power. Let’s go through each of them below!

Three Ways to Brew for Your Convenience

#1 Carafe Side

Serve up to 12 cups of ground coffee using the carafe. With this side, you can keep your coffee warm for longer. Brew a full pot to serve for big breakfasts, long workdays at home, or when guests are over.

It’s sturdy and is easy to use. It’s also easy to clean – it’s even dishwasher friendly!

#2 Single-Serve

Brew single-serve coffee within a couple of minutes with Hamilton Beach FlexBrew. The coffee maker comes with a black funnel and brew-basket so that no coffee grounds slip during the filtration process.

girl with coffee maker on table, hamilton beach flexbrew

You don’t need additional filters for this coffee maker! To brew a single cup, just press “Brew Now” and you can enjoy a cup of coffee.

A reminder: insert your travel mug or cup fully onto the drip tray. Don’t lift the lid, and drain if overflow happens. 

#3 Use a Pod – K-Cup® Pod and Other Brands

Use the K-Cup basket for K-Cups and other coffee pod brands.

K-Cups and other pods are ideal if you like more variety! You can enjoy a classic espresso or french roast, or choose to have vanilla and caramel undertones.

Wake Up to a Fresh Cup of Coffee 

Do you want to wake up to a cup of coffee straight away? Programming coffee is possible with Hamilton Beach Flexbrew.

However, programming a single cup of coffee isn’t possible.

The programming only works for the carafe, so you have to be ready to brew a full pot. It’s good to have around for the entire day, though – especially if you have guests early in the morning.

Hold down the programming button and set a time. Remember you can only program 24 hours in advance! Keep track of it when you wake up so you can enjoy your coffee in time.

Customize Brew Strength with Select-a-Brew 

Do you want your coffee to have an extra kick? Customize your preferred brew strength with Select-A-Brew.

You can choose from two brew strength options: regular and bold. If you want a quick cup, choose the regular strength.

However, if you’d like your cup of coffee stronger, choose the bold strength on your coffee machine.

The caffeine extraction involved in the process takes time, so be prepared to wait longer for your caffeine fix.

The wait is worth it. For coffee lovers who love strong flavors or need more caffeine to kick-start focus, the bold option on any coffee machine is a great innovation.

Fill Water Easily With the Water Reservoir

Two water reservoirs are present for two brewing options. If you want to brew a single cup, you can be sure how much water you actually need.

Water windows are also available for each water reservoir to track how much water is left.

The windows and water reservoirs are convenient. You can designate the right amount of water for each brewing option, and keep an eye on the water tank.

Clean and Store Easily

This coffee machine is surprisingly easy to clean and store anywhere!

First, it’s compact for a coffee machine. It saves space and isn’t too bulky.

Second, it comes with several removable coffee machine pieces. All of the pieces are also dishwasher-friendly. The carafe, drip tray, and K-Cup brewing pieces are all removable and dishwasher-friendly.

The Benefits of Hamilton Beach FlexBrew

What makes Hamilton Beach FlexBrew a great buy? Let’s discuss the different benefits for you to consider. 

Flavor Flexibility

Tired of the same coffee strength from a traditional coffee machine? If you want more variety with your cup of coffee, Hamilton Beach FlexBrew provides a solution.

First, its duality allows you to experiment with different K-Cups or coffee pods.

Use coffee makers to experiment with different flavors – sweet caramel, creamy vanilla, dark toffee, and more! A single-serve pack is enough for the brew basket.

Second, you can play with different strengths. If you feel like a normal cup of coffee isn’t enough, then choose a bolder flavor.

The coffee machine allows you to brew a single cup of coffee in either the regular or bold strengths. If you just want a light cup, go for the regular flavor.

Efficient Brewing

The dual brewing capacity is one of its highlights. With just one machine, you can choose the adequate size of your coffee.

Do you need just one single serving? Brew a single cup and serve straight away. Do you have a long day ahead of you, or are people coming over? Ditch the single-serve side and use the carafe.

Brewing coffee has never been easier. You can use different programs to make the process easier, as well! Use different programs in your coffee machine for your desired time and wake to a fresh pot.

After two hours, the Hamilton Beach FlexBrew coffee maker turns itself off automatically. 

Easy Quality Coffee Experience

Overall, the FlexBrew coffee maker provides a high-quality coffee experience.

You no longer have to go out just to choose different flavors, get more caffeine, or avail of caffeine straight away. The FlexBrew coffee maker provides everything for you.

A K-Cup or coffee pod promises different flavors. You can choose from a carafe or a single-serve experience. You can even program it according to your wake-up time and preferred strength!

Some Alternatives to Hamilton Beach

Are you still hesitant? We found some alternatives. See how the following machines compare!

Ninja Hot and Cold Coffee Maker (CP307)

  • Brews both tea and coffee
  • Optional cold brew
  • Strengths come in classic, rich, over ice, cold brew, or specialty
  • Brew sizes come in the half carafe, full carafe, single, and travel size
  • Smart brew basket

This machine is perfect for those who love both tea and coffee. It has more variations regarding serving sizes and styles.

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However, if you’re not a fan of tea, then this may not be the product for you. It also can’t accommodate a K-Cup or other pods, which can come in tea versions.

Unlike the FlexBrew, it doesn’t have any programming options available.

De’Longhi BCO430 Combination Brewer

  • One side can do espressos, lattes, and cappuccinos
  • The other side provides regular, delicious caffeine
  • Comes with a frother for easy cappuccinos

This coffee machine replicates your favorite coffee specialties!

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While it’s promising, it doesn’t come with other brew sizes, programming, or K-Cup single-serve pack holder for compatibility. It doesn’t have the same versatility or power.

People who want to replicate favorite coffee orders are ideal users. You also need to buy a milk frothing jug to make full use of it.

Cuisinart CHW-12 Plus 2-Way Coffee Maker

  • Comes with a carafe
  • Has a hot water dispenser
  • Has two filters to use: charcoal and gold-tone
  • Has temperature settings
  • Automatically shuts off, turns on, and self-cleans

If you like to consume other beverages like tea or cocoa, you can make use of this machine.

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It also guarantees full flavor as it comes with gold-tone and charcoal water filters you can use to remove impurities.

While it’s programmable and has different temperature settings, it still doesn’t have the same versatility. It can’t accommodate single pods or adjust brew strengths.

The Verdict

Hamilton Beach FlexBrew is versatile, powerful, and easy to use. It’s a good investment in comparison to what other coffee makers can do. 

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You can program the machine and select different strengths, eliminating the need to go out for your caffeine fix. 

If coffee is a daily habit and you want to make your own at home, this machine is a good buy!