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Jura vs Saeco: Which Brand Is Better?

Do you want high-quality coffee but don’t want to keep blowing your money at a coffee shop?

Are you tired of having only black coffee at home?

If you’ve answered yes, you’ve come to the right place.

An automatic coffee machine is your answer. These machines do everything from start to finish: grind, brew, and clean.

This article compares two brands that produce high-quality coffee machines: Jura and Saeco.

Read on to find out which automatic espresso machine is better for you in the battle of Jura vs Saeco.

About Jura

Jura is a Swiss brand known for its high-end home appliances since 1931.

They were one of the first to develop automatic espresso machines. Since the mid-1980s, they have been distributing their products to various households.

By the end of 2008, they’ve stopped producing their ironing product range. Instead, they focused on being a distributor of premium specialty coffee makers worldwide.

jura vs saeco
Jura E8

Below are their notable products:

About Saeco

Established in 1981, Saeco is an Italian brand known for its manual, super-automatic, and capsule espresso machines.

Four years later, they became the world’s first company to produce the “bean-to-cup,” an automatic espresso brewing system.

In May 2009, Saeco became a subsidiary of Dutch electronics giant Philips. Since then, Saeco has become a global player in coffee machines.

Saeco Incanto

Below are their notable products:

Jura vs Saeco: What’s the Difference?

We’ve compared both brands according to 6 categories:

  • Drink Options
  • Milk Frother
  • Grinding Settings & Brew Quality
  • Design & Controls
  • Cleaning & Maintenance
  • Price

TL;DR? It’s a tie!

Curious? Read on to find out why.

Drink Options


Jura’s entry-level models produce 3 to 6 coffee drinks with 2 strength levels. This includes the A and ENA Micro lines.

The mid-range models can produce 7 to 16 drinks. It also bumps up the programmable coffee strength ranging from 4 to 8 levels. Examples include the Jura Impressa C, D, and E lines.

The premium coffee makers can produce over 22 to 28 drinks. Coffee intensity levels range from 5 to 10 strengths. These models are the Jura Impressa S, Z, and Giga lines.

Most Jura coffee makers feature a dual spout so that you can brew two cups of coffee simultaneously. They also feature a 15 bar pressure pump.


Saeco’s entry-level machines, such as the Vapore XSmall, can produce 3 types of coffee.

Mid-range models offer up to 4 to 7 types of coffee drinks. This includes the Incanto and Intelia Deluxe.

It also features the smart strength selection of up to 5 different settings. With the Memo Function, users can save their preferred coffee strength, and the machine will remember it.

The premium models can produce 11 to 15 beverage types. This includes the Saeco PicoBaristo and Xelsis.

All models have a dual spout to prepare two cups simultaneously. Plus, they have a 15 bar pressure pump.

The high-end models feature LatteDuo, which can prepare double servings of milk-based beverages.

Winner: Jura

While both brands produce powerful automatic espresso machines, Jura wins this round.

That’s because Jura’s mid-range models are priced similarly to Saeco’s mid and high-end models.

And yet, Jura offers more types of drinks at a minimum of 7 to 28 drinks. This is almost double Saeco’s 4 to 15 options.

Milk Frother


Nozzle: Some models have a separate milk outlet, which uses a nozzle to connect to the milk spout.

This involves a semi-manual operation; you have to choose your coffee after preparing the milk.

The coffee makers canswitch from milk to milk foam. It’s also possible to adjust the temperature.

Fine Foam Technology: Some models have abuilt-in milk container and a fully automatic frothing system.

The professional frother creates feather-light, creamy milk foam with a long-lasting consistency.

This is achieved by frothing the milk twice in separate chambers and then slowly distributing the milk foam on top of the coffee.


Pannarello Steam Wand: For some models, Saeco uses a stainless steel wandto make manual milk-steaming easier.

All you have to do is place your cup or milk jug to produce silky-smooth milk for cappuccinos and lattes.Temperature control is also possible.

Cappuccinatore: The cappuccinatore is a semi-manual frother integrated into the coffee machine.

The dishwasher-safe frother automatically dispenses frothed milk directly into your cup. You can adjust the amount of milk to your preferences.

Milk Carafe: The milk carafe is a fully automatic milk frother integrated into the coffee machine.

All you have to do is to select your desired drink. The machine will adjust the temperature and amount of milk accordingly.

Latte Perfetto Technology: The Latte Perfetto technology froths the milk twice, creating a silkier foam.

The patented dual-chamber carafe features an automatic cleaning cycle and is refrigerator-safe.

Winner: Saeco

Saeco has more options for milk frothers. It provides manual, semi-manual, and fully automatic frothers.

Jura only offers semi- and fully automatic milk frothers. This could be a downside for some people who prefer to steam and froth by hand.

Grinding Settings & Brew Quality


Aroma Grinder: Jura uses a conical burr grinder for their coffee machines.

Their Aroma Grinder is fast and quiet. It provides consistent and freshly ground coffee every time.

It’s possible to adjust the grinder settings to make the grounds coarser or finer.

Different types of coffee top view. Coffee beans, instant and ground coffee. Fragrant coffee drinks. flat lay, jura vs saeco

Intelligent Pre Brew Aroma System (IPBAS): After grinding, the coffee undergoes a pre-brewing process to develop a richer flavor for any blend or roast.

How does it work? Filtered hot water goes into the brewing unit, where it wets the coffee. The coffee swells, developing the aroma compounds.

Pulse Extraction Process (PEP): During the final stage, water presses through the ground coffee in short bursts. As a result, it optimizes the extraction time while keeping the aroma.

Thermoblock Heating System: Jura uses its Thermoblock heating system to heat water quickly. No more waiting time for quality coffee.

Plus, the intelligent preheating technology ensures that your water stays hot even after long pauses between each brew.


Ceramic Grinder: Saeco uses a high-tech, 100% ceramic grinder. This is very different from other brands that use stainless steel.

Ceramic grinders are low maintenance and retain very little heat. This helps bring out the flavor of coffee beans without the burnt flavor.

It’s also possible to fine-tune the grind. Depending on the model, Saeco espresso machines have 5 to 10 grinder settings.

Saeco Brewing System (SBS): This features Saeco’s VariPresso Brewing chamber, which allows you to adjust the brewing pressure and dose of crema.

Why is this important? This is because coffee pressure is directly related to taste.

For example, espresso will require a high pressure to give it its signature intense flavor.

ThermoSpeed Technology: Saeco espresso machines deliver your coffee at the perfect temperature while using less water.

Thanks to its aluminum and stainless steel body, the Quick Heat Boiler reduces the time for water to reach a hot temperature.

The ThermoSpeed technology flash-heats the coffee circuit when the machine is on. It also prevents heat loss, so Saeco will always produce your coffee at an optimal temperature.

Cup Warming Tray: A warm cup will produce a more robust flavor and maintain a firm crema.

As such, some machines feature a cup-warming surface to pre-heat your cup. It uses the heat coming from the boiler to provide warmth.

Winner: Tie

What’s the secret to a perfect brew? The right temperature.

Both brands utilize state-of-the-art technology to ensure optimal temperatures for each brew.

They also have durable grinders that adjust the fineness to suit each type of coffee.

Design & Controls


TFT Display with Rotary Switch: Some coffee machines use a TFT display to provide an intuitive operation.

The Rotary Switch will show you a list of all programmable drinks. With just a press of a button, the machine will start brewing the coffee of your choice.

Sensitive-Touchscreen Technology: For the high-end models, Jura utilizes a touchscreen display. This provides an easier user interface.

One-Touch Cappuccino: This system delivers milk-based drinks with just a touch of a button.

This is possible thanks to the pre-programmed coffee settings and fully automatic frother.

Smart Connect: Some models feature a Smart Connect, a Bluetooth transmitter.

This allows you to connect your coffee maker to your smartphone, tablet, or Apple Watch.

Connecting coffee machine with smart phone, jura vs saeco


LED Display: Saeco machines are no-nonsense machines. The LED display with push buttons makes it easy to use.

Coffee Equalizer Screen: Premium Saeco models use an advanced touchscreen display. It’s possible to customize a range of settings, including strength, volume, and temperature.

One-Touch Cappuccino: Like Jura, Saeco espresso machines also offer lattes and cappuccinos with just a touch of a button.

Saeco Avanti App: The Saeco Avanti app allows you to set, brew, and clean your machine from your smartphone or tablet.

It’s also possible to queue several drinks, so you can brew coffee for your guests (or more for yourself, we’re not judging).

The downside is that it’s compatible with the GranBaristo Avanti model only.

Winner: Tie

Both brands consider the user interface for all types of coffee consumers.

With just a press of a button, coffee lovers can enjoy specialty coffees at the comforts of their home.

Plus, both brands have a sleek modern design, which will fit in any counter space.

Given this, we’re declaring another tie.

Cleaning & Maintenance


CLARIS Filter System: This is an anti-scaling system that filters and prevents limescale, heavy metals, and chlorine build-up inside the coffee machine.

Jura machines also use CLEARYL filters. These water filters eliminate any impurities to provide exceptional flavor and aroma for each brew.

With regular replacement, Jura machines don’t need to be descaled.

Intelligent Water System (IWS): This is a technology that automatically detects filter presence in the water tank. It also alerts you when the filter needs to be replaced.

Integrated Maintenance Program: Jura machines have an integrated maintenance program to rinse and clean on their own.


Automatic Cleaning Cycle: Saeco machines clean on their own. When starting the machine, it uses water to clean the water circuit.

After brewing, it utilizes the HygieSteam Cleaning System. This innovative system automatically cleans and removes 99.99% of milk residues with just one touch.

Plus, the coffee machine will prompt you when it needs to be descaled.

AquaClean Water Filter: AquaClean is Saeco’s patented water filter. It purifies water and prevents scale buildup.

It also allows you to brew up to 5,000 cups without the need to descale the machine.

Removable Brewing Unit: It’s possible to remove the brewing unit so you can see clearly if there are any impurities on every corner.

Winner: Tie

Scale buildup is no joke.

It slows down the brewing process, causes heating problems, and ruins the coffee taste.

Thankfully, both brands take cleaning and maintenance as seriously as their brewing process.


This is a no-brainer. Saeco products are much more affordable.

Jura’s entry-level machines start at $800, whereas Saeco’s start at half that price of $400.

Comparing their mid-range and premium models, we can see that Jura’s pricing is 2-3 times higher than Saeco.

Winner: Saeco

Price can make or break your purchasing decision.

Given this, Saeco provides a more attractive price point, especially for new home baristas.

Jura vs Saeco: Which Coffee Machine is Better?

Both Jura and Saeco are great brands with a large fan base.

But they cater to a completely different market due to the price differences.

Jura will be more suitable for those who want a machine packed with technology and features.

Since it’s expensive, Jura may be a better choice for a seasoned home barista, or if money is no issue.

If you’re just starting out, Saeco is a better choice. They’re a lot simpler than Jura machines but won’t sacrifice quality.

Final Thoughts

For coffee lovers, automatic coffee machines are a great addition to their home.

It provides convenience, speed, and quality with a friendly user interface. Plus, it looks great on any counter space!

Among those, Jura and Saeco are high-quality brands to consider for your home.

Whichever you end up with, you’ll become your favorite barista in no time!

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