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6 Best Coffee Flavors For Non Coffee Drinkers

Not a big fan of coffee but looking for a quick pick-me-up to get through the day? I’m listing the best coffee flavors for non coffee drinkers that you can enjoy.

Best Coffee Flavors for Non Coffee Drinkers

There are plenty of coffee flavors for non coffee drinkers, such as French vanilla, mocha, caramel macchiato, pumpkin spice, and hazelnut. Coffee has a very burnt, bitter taste on its own, so to cancel that out, you need other intense flavors.

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We detail the best coffee flavors for non coffee drinkers in our quick guide below. Read on as we share some tips on how to make coffee without a coffee taste, as well as an easy chocolate mocha recipe. 

Best Coffee Flavors for Non Coffee Drinkers

The great thing about coffee is that it’s a versatile drink. Gone are the days of cream and sugar—today, we see plenty of other ingredients that cancel out the bitterness. Here are the best coffee flavors for non coffee drinkers:

1. Caffé Mocha

Caffé mocha is a chocolate-flavored version of a caffé latte. Although mocha is the most common name, some call it mochaccino. 

The name mocha comes from the Yemeni city Mocha—a center of the early coffee trades

Mocha has a very subtle coffee flavor. Sometimes, it tastes more like hot chocolate than an actual cup of coffee. 

There are many variants of mocha. Most famously is the holiday favorite, peppermint mocha, which tastes like a candy cane dipped in chocolate.

You can get this drink at almost any coffee chain or shop. It’s also a relatively easy one to make at home.

Check out the Peppermint Mocha or Cherry Mocha Truffle flavors by Lifeboost. 

2. French Vanilla

French vanilla involves a pod of fresh vanilla added to the brew. You can also whisk together cream in to supplement your morning cup. 

It’s a delectable flavor, adding some deep sweetness to a light or medium roast coffee. French vanilla combines effortlessly with other flavors, including caramel and hazelnut, helping you get into the java groove. You can try the French Vanilla flavored coffee from Lifeboost here.

Vanilla is also available as an artificial flavor. However, if you want that true vanilla aroma, it’s best to go with the real deal.

3. Caffé Latte

Caffé latte is a wholesome coffee made with a generous serving of steamed milk. The word ‘latte’ means ‘milk’ in Italian. The rough translation is ‘coffee and milk.’ 

What makes a latte a coffee beverage is the added shot of espresso. It’s a fantastic pick-me-up if you aren’t fond of the bitterness of espresso on its own.

A latte is easy to distinguish as it’s often served in a tall glass, displaying the thick, 0.5-inch layer of foam at the top. Like mocha, there are multiple types, but generally, those are without coffee, like matcha latte, chocolate, or chai latte.

Alternatively, you can choose to try Gingerbread latte or Eggnog latte from Lifeboost.

4. Caramel Macchiato

A caramel macchiato is a combination of steamed milk, caramel, and a shot of espresso. It’s an enticing brew with the sweetness of the caramel and the steamed milk’s fullness canceling out the coffee’s bitterness.

A standard macchiato is hot milk and foam, with a shot of espresso. Today, however, you can get it both as a hot or cold brew served with ice.

You can check out the caramel macchiato offered by Lifeboost here

5. Pumpkin Spice

Pumpkin spice is one of the best coffee flavors for non coffee drinkers and a staple during fall. It’s a spiced, complex sweet flavor often topped with whipped cream. 

You can get pumpkin spice coffee in almost all varieties. But the most popular option is a pumpkin spice latte. 

This drink consists of traditional fall spices, like cinnamon, clove, and nutmeg, mixed with steamed milk and espresso. Some types also include pumpkin pureé, although this wasn’t common until 2015. 

Either way, it’s an undeniably unique flavor that disguises the coffee taste in all the right ways. You can get it from almost any coffee chain, or buy a bag of a pre-made mix that you can whip up at home. If you want to give pumpkin spice coffee a shot, you can get it from Lifeboost here.

Here’s a video on how to make homemade pumpkin spice.

6. Hazelnut

Hazelnut isn’t necessarily the best flavor on its own, but when paired with roasted coffee beans, it’s a match made in heaven. 

Hazelnut has also become a staple by coffee shops around the world. You can find it in almost any brew type, be it a latte, cappuccino, and even black coffee. 

It adds some nutty sweetness to the cup that even non coffee drinkers can enjoy. Lifeboost has a great tasting hazelnut coffee flavor to die for.

What is the Best Coffee for First Time Coffee Drinkers?

If it’s your first time venturing into a coffee shop, we’d recommend going for a caffé latte. 

A latte is very mild despite the shot—or two—of espresso in terms of taste. It contains a high amount of steamed milk, which masks the bitter coffee taste rather well. Although you still get that kick from the espresso.

If you have an issue with dairy, many places offer milk alternatives, like soy or almond. Some locations also give you the option of adding syrups and other flavorings. However, this isn’t the best way to enjoy a latte, and thick milk can already dull the coffee.

One downside to getting attached to lattes is that they require an espresso machine. Unless you have a machine at home, this limits the times you can grab a cup.

Another option is a cappuccino. Like a latte, cappuccinos require one or two espresso shots, but instead of steamed milk, they contain frothed milk. 

However, cappuccinos tend to be a bit stronger than the latte, so they may not appeal to everyone. 

How Do You Make Coffee That Doesn’t Taste Like Coffee?

Making a cup of coffee that doesn’t taste like coffee is tricky. That’s especially true if you don’t want it to be heavy on additives and sweeteners. 

Know Your Roast

Coffee beans come in different roasts, such as light, medium, medium-dark, and dark. The dark roasted coffee beans are very bitter and quite unpalatable if you’re a non coffee drinker. 

4 different roasted coffee beans from green beans on the left to dark roast on the right, best coffee flavors for non coffee drinkers

Lighter roasts are sweet and make it easier for you to disguise the coffee flavor. Typical examples are mochas, lattes, and cappuccinos. 

Cream and Sugar

The best way to dull the coffee flavor is by adding some condiments. You don’t necessarily need to add cream and sugar—these are just the basics. You can experiment with various types and amounts of milk, syrups, and even whipped cream if that’s something you like. 

Some styles of coffee, like mocha, call for chocolate powder, or hot chocolate. With other types, like macchiato, you can add different flavors such as caramel or vanilla. 

Easy Mocha Recipe That Doesn’t Taste Like Coffee

Here we have a quick recipe for a chocolate mocha perfect if you don’t usually drink coffee. It’s effortless to make at home, and all you need is:

  • A mason jar with a lid.
  • Tea towel.
  • Microwave-safe mug.


  • One cup of hot coffee.
  • One tablespoon cocoa powder—unsweetened.
  • 1/4 cup milk. 
  • 1 to 2 tablespoons granulated sugar—add or subtract to taste.
  • One tablespoon heavy cream.
  • Whipped cream—optional.

What You Do:

  1. Combine the components in the mason jar, except for the whipped cream. Tighten the lid.
  2. Wrap a tea towel around the lid and shake the mason jar vigorously to combine everything. 
  3. Empty into a microwave-safe mug and microwave for 30 seconds or until it’s steaming. 
  4. Top with whipped cream and a sprinkle of cocoa powder if desired, and enjoy.

Alternatively, you can just get the Chocolate Raspberry Truffle flavored coffee from Lifeboost.

Related Questions

Still got questions? We’ve got answers for you below: 

What Is the Closest Drink That Tastes Like Coffee?

If you want the coffee taste but without the caffeine jitters, there are a few choices that taste a lot like java beans. 

  • Dandelion root tea (coffee): This type of herbal tea is made from the dandelion plant’s root. When roasted and brewed, the drink resembles coffee both in taste and appearance. However, it’s much less bitter and doesn’t contain a lot of caffeine.
  • Chicory root: Similarly to coffee beans, you can roast, ground, and brew chicory root. The taste is very close to coffee but without the caffeine.
  • Capomo (Maya nut): This superfood drink contains Capomo, also known as Maya Nut. It has a rich flavor, and you prepare it in the same manner as coffee.

What Starbucks Drink Tastes the Least Like Coffee?

On the Starbucks’ menu, the coffee that tastes the least like coffee is the mocha. Starbucks offers multiple versions, including peppermint, toffee nut, caramel, and raspberry. 

You could also try a Frappuccino iced coffee from Starbucks. These are like drinkable desserts, available in several flavors. However, not all contain coffee, so make sure to look for that if you want a coffee drink.

What Type of Coffee Is Least Bitter?

There are two types of coffee plants: Robusta and Arabica. Of the two, Arabica plants produce more flavor and are generally less bitter. Unfortunately, because the plants require more care, they’re often pricier.

one arabica bean and one robusta bean side by side, best coffee flavors for non coffee drinkers

Robusta has more bitterness in its taste, making it less appealing, although common since it’s less pricey. 

However, the best coffee flavors for non coffee drinkers can come from either plant. Many times, it’s how you make the coffee that determines how well it tastes.

Want to learn more about the most popular coffee flavors? You can read more here.