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The Top 7 Nespresso Compatible Capsules to Whet Your Palette

At A Glance: Our Top 7 Picks for Nespresso Compatible Capsules

Nespresso machines are popular these days among coffee lovers. It’s easy to use and convenient to have around and gives you a delicious coffee cup every time!

When you’re in a rush every morning, you can pop the capsules in your machine. Within seconds, you’ll have yourself a perfect brew!

Today, we’ll review some of the best Nespresso compatible capsules you’d want to try. After this review, we’re sure we’ll leave your mouths watering!

  • Medium Roast
  • Compatible with Nespresso OriginalLine
  • 50 different flavors capsules
  • Medium roast
  • Compatible with Nespresso OriginalLine
  • 50 capsules
  • Different coffee roast
  • Compatible with Nespresso OriginalLine
  • 50 capsules
  • Multiple roasts
  • Compatible with Nespresso OriginalLine
  • 50 capsules
  • Medium roast
  • Compatible with Nespresso OriginalLine
  • 120 capsules
  • Medium roast
  • Compatible with Nespresso VertuoLine
  • 30 capsules
  • Dark roast
  • Compatible with Nespresso VertuoLine
  • 50 capsules

Top 7 Nespresso Compatible Capsules

1. Nespresso OriginalLine Capsules Variety Pack – Best Overall

Key Takeaways

  • Medium Roast
  • Compatible with Nespresso OriginalLine
  • 50 different flavors capsules


We love trying out different coffee flavors. It’s just an adventure each time! Imagine sticking your hand into a bag full of high-quality coffee pods. What flavor will you get?

If that got you excited, then we’re sure you’ll love the Nespresso variety pack! It’s the perfect product for anyone willing to try out different flavors!

Or if you’re new to coffee pods, Nespresso machines, or the coffee world in general, then this product is an excellent starter for you.

The variety pack contains some of the best capsules to choose from. Crowd favorites like Arpeggio, Roma, Fortissio, Lungo, and Ristretto are in the package, so trying each is a guarantee!

Regardless of the pod you use, we guarantee you’ll fall in love with intense and robust coffee flavor.

Who wouldn’t want to go through a coffee tasting experience? We’d never want to miss out on that opportunity.

So if you aren’t too sure about what coffee flavor you want yet, or if you’re not yet ready to commit to loving one coffee flavor, maybe this variety pack can help you decide.


When you think of “Nespresso price,” the first word that probably comes to your head is “expensive.”

If it is, then you’ll be happy to know that this variety pack is very affordable. For only $41.49, you’ll get 50 capsules of different flavors. That’s around $0.83 per capsule, which isn’t bad at all. Sweet!

You can enjoy the whole pack for a good month if you’re a moderate coffee drinker. For its price, we’re sure you wouldn’t have any problems buying more than one pack at a time.

Think of all the intense and robust flavor you get for a relatively affordable price! Don’t miss out on the fun!

Environmental Footprint

At a glance, you’ll know that the whole pod is made of aluminum. And that’s for a good reason.

The aluminum espresso pods keep the flavors fresh, so you can enjoy a fresh cup of coffee or shot of espresso each time!

The aluminum body isn’t a cause of concern either. The material is very recyclable! Keep it aside, and reserve them for recycling later on.

Although not all recycling depots accept aluminum, Nespresso has a mail-in recycling program to send your pods. That’s one less problem you’ll need to think of.

You might also spot a Nespresso boutique store near you! Gather all your used coffee capsules and send them to their boutique for recycling.

Is the Nespresso OriginalLine Capsules Variety Pack for You?

Without a doubt, this coffee product is for everyone. With a ton of crowd favorite flavors to choose from, you simply can’t go wrong!

Whether you’re a coffee lover or starting to be one, the variety pack won’t disappoint.

Though some might say the capsules are pricier than others, it’s still a price worth paying. After all, you’re buying from the original line!

So if you don’t mind spending a little more than you usually would, we recommend this one.

  • Perfect for coffee lovers
  • Mail-in recycling program
  • Excellent coffee selection
  • Not for people who prefer mild coffee flavors

2. Peet’s Coffee Ricchezza – Best Value

Key Takeaways

  • Medium roast
  • Compatible with Nespresso OriginalLine
  • 50 capsules


People who are unfamiliar with Nespresso capsules think the flavor is diluted. Some people would think, “How could such a tiny capsule contain a strong coffee flavor as freshly ground coffee beans?”

More often than not, some people wouldn’t dare shift to the world of Nespresso because of this.

Unknown to them, this isn’t necessarily true! Take Peet’s Coffee Ricchezza, for example.

One capsule packs all the punch and flavor you want from coffee. Sometimes, way better than freshly ground coffee! Mind-blowing right? But for us, it isn’t too much of a surprise.

We love Peet’s beans because they’re made with 100% Arabica beans. Every brew guarantees a rich, high quality, and great tasting coffee! Take that, snobs.

A single capsule is enough to transform you and your day. Simply pop your capsule in the machine, wait for a few seconds, and voila!

You have a freshly brewed cup of coffee, with hints of berry, blossoms, and sweet brown sugar. Every sip tastes like perfection! If perfection had a taste.

No more waking up on the wrong side of the bed! With Peet’s coffee pods, you’ll feel a whole lot better.


A pack of Peet’s capsules costs $35, which isn’t that bad! You’ll receive 50 coffee pods for Nespresso OriginalLine machines, which should last you a month or two.

But if you’re anything like us, make that a week. Buying more than a pack might sound too much, but it’s still a lot cheaper than what you’d pay for in a coffee shop.

Imagine, a capsule only costs $0.70. That’s less than a dollar per cup!

Is it worth it? With every drop of it, yes!

Environmental Footprint

With everything that’s going on, we all can’t help but be concerned with how we affect the environment.

This is why we aren’t new to people raising their concerns over the recyclability of Nespresso pods. Honestly, we have our concerns too! But thank god there’s a solution to our problems.

Everyone wants to enjoy a delicious cup of coffee, but not at the expense of harming the environment.

And definitely, Peet’s is doing their part in making sure you enjoy their coffee without the guilt! They’re doing their part in preserving the environment.

Their aluminum pods are highly recyclable. They also have a mail-back recycling program where you can send your used pods!

When you buy a pack of their product, you might score yourself a recycling bag that fits 100 used capsules. Once you’ve filled the bag, send it back to them, and they’ll bring it to a unique recycling plant.

Is Peet’s Coffee Ricchezza for You?

Do you love coffee? Then yes! But in general, we recommend Peet’s to anyone who’s into a light to moderate coffee flavor.

If you’re put off by the bitter after taste some coffee products have, then Peet’s is worth a try. There’s always that delicious sweet after taste to look forward to.

It’s a great mood booster without any of the bitter taste!

  • Unique mail-in recyclable program
  • Delicious flavors
  • Aluminum packaging preserves flavor well
  • Coffee taste not as strong as what the product claims

3. Don Francisco’s and Café La Llave Espresso Capsules Variety Pack – Best Budget Pick

Key Takeaways

  • Different coffee roast
  • Compatible with Nespresso OriginalLine
  • 50 capsules


We love ourselves a variety pack because of all the different flavors you can get for one’s price, which is why we’re more than happy to find another high-quality variety pack that’s worth your money.

One pack contains five different flavors, ten capsules each. Not bad!

Just imagine it, different coffee flavors every day! Different things you can look forward to each time! Pop a capsule in, make your coffee, and be pleasantly surprised.

We just love the idea of trying out different capsules, tasting different notes and intensities each time.

Rest assured, no matter what coffee capsule you choose. We’re sure you’ll find a personal favorite in this variety. Because we sure did find ours!


The whole pack comes at a very affordable price point. So for a pack that comes with high-quality espresso flavors, not bad!

We consider this product as a good budget alternative for the budget-conscious.

You don’t have to spend a fortune just to taste your favorites! It’s a win-win!

Environmental Footprint

Unfortunately, the capsules are made of plastic materials. So you know what that means for our environment.

It’s not the most environmentally friendly choice out there. Nonetheless, it doesn’t mean you can’t do anything about it.

You can still do your part by recycling the capsules like how you would do for other plastics! It’s the best you can do to reach a compromise.

Is Don Francisco’s and Café La Llave Espresso Capsules Variety Pack for You?

Are you trying to save on costs? We recommend this espresso capsules variety pack!

Try out different flavors without spending a fortune. Once you’ve tried a pod, we’re sure you wouldn’t have a hard time falling in love with the rest.

  • Roasted and packaged straight from the US
  • Well-loved by customers
  • Variety of espresso flavors
  • Plastic capsule packaging doesn’t hold flavor and aroma well

4. Starbucks for Nespresso Variety Pack – Best Nespresso Collaboration

Key Takeaways

  • Multiple roasts
  • Compatible with Nespresso OriginalLine
  • 50 capsules


If there’s such a thing as a coffee rainbow out there, then we’re sure you’ll find it in this collaboration.

Can you believe that two of your favorite coffee brands made a collaboration to make one of the best coffee and espresso beverages out there? In the comfort of your home too!

This is probably one of the best Nespresso compatible capsules out there in terms of variety.

The pack includes five coffee crowd favorite flavors, having ten capsules for each! You’ll find your favorite flavors like Single-Origin Colombia, Pike Place Roast, House Blend, Blonde Espresso Roast, and Caffe Verona.

There’s something for you! So don’t worry. We’re sure you’ll satisfy your thirst with their espresso pods.


We’re happy to say that the Starbucks coffee pod for Nespresso machines isn’t pricey.

You read that right! For $36.00, you can already get 50 capsules! Each pod costs way less than what you’d spend if you were to buy your coffee from Starbucks!

That being said, you can take home the Starbucks coffee experience! You can try making your favorite drink. Sounds fun!

Environmental Footprint

The packaging is made of aluminum materials, so you have nothing to worry about! It’s completely recyclable!

Nevertheless, we highly encourage you to separate your used pods from your other garbage. You can send in your pods for composting instead of throwing them directly in your trash.

Is the Starbucks for Nespresso Variety Pack for You?

If you don’t mind drinking different coffee types, this is one of the best Nespresso compatible capsules we recommend.

All the favorite crowd flavors are there and for a very affordable price!

However, if you’re someone who enjoys one or two flavors from the pack, this isn’t for you. You’re better off choosing a pack with a dedicated flavor you want.

  • Perfect for Nespresso machines
  • Great flavor variety
  • Pods come in different sizes: espresso, ristretto, and lungo brew.
  • Can’t mix and match flavors

5. Bestpresso Coffee Decaffeinato – Best Decaffeinated Capsules

Key Takeaways

  • Medium roast
  • Compatible with Nespresso OriginalLine
  • 120 capsules


This decaffeinated coffee is one of the best Nespresso Compatible Capsules in a category of its own.

The market is filled with caffeinated coffee pods, so it’s quite rare to find a decaffeinated option! Which is why we’re delighted to have this on our list.

A sip of Bestpresso will give you that familiar and delicious coffee flavor. There’s a hint of berries and nuts somewhere in the coffee profile too!


The average pack contains approximately 50 Nespresso compatible capsules. Well, this product isn’t your average capsule.

One pack contains 120 of the best Nespresso compatible capsules! You can satisfy your coffee or espresso cravings anytime.

So for the quantity of one pack, not bad. Worth it!

Environmental Footprint

We’re happy with how much regard this brand has over its environmental impact.

First, the coffee beans are grown and harvested from the Rainforest Alliance Certified regions. Beans grown in this area don’t leave a drastic environmental footprint, so you can feel good drinking your coffee!

And second, the capsules are highly recyclable! You almost have nothing to worry about!

Is the Bestpresso Coffee Decaffeinato for You?

If you enjoy the great taste of coffee, minus its effects, this Nespresso compatible capsules is for you! It packs serious coffee flavors that won’t give you any palpitations or keep you up all night! It’s a win-win for everyone!

If you also enjoy buying in bulk, then the 120 capsules should be more than enough to last you up to several months!

However, if you’re someone who enjoys caffeinated drinks, you might have difficulty enjoying this one. So we recommend against it, considering how many capsules you get in one pack.

  • Certified Kosher
  • Beans are grown in the Rainforest Alliance Certified regions
  • Caffeine-free
  • Not suited for people used to caffeinated drinks

6. Nespresso Melozio – Best Light Coffee Taste

Key Takeaways

  • Medium roast
  • Compatible with Nespresso VertuoLine
  • 30 capsules


The Nespresso Melozio is one excellent tasting coffee. Even with its mild taste, it’s so easy to fall in love with it!

With just a sip, this espresso, we’ll win your heart and your taste buds. It doesn’t have any bitter aftertaste so that you can enjoy a light and blonde roast!

Don’t be deceived by its mild taste. This espresso can undoubtedly keep you up all day, and even for an all-nighter! Impressive.

The espresso beans come straight from Brazil. So you can expect this coffee to have some nutty aftertaste. Yum!

If you want to enjoy the coffee capsules’ full flavor, we recommend drinking it as an espresso shot. It’s one of the main reasons why it’s compatible with the Nespresso VertuoLine!

But if you want a big cup of coffee, you should still be able to savor the excellent coffee taste of the Melozio blend.


The Nespresso Melozio blend is very pricey. A pack costs $33, and with only 30 capsules! That’s about $1.10 per pod, which is more than the average price point.

It’s expensive, but hey, it’s worth it! The great-tasting flavor is enough to win your hearts and your pocket.

Environmental Footprint

The aluminum capsules are recyclable. Hooray! The materials keep the coffee’s freshness, so your cup of joe tastes fresh all the time.

Once you’ve used all your capsules, Nespresso provides various options to choose from for your recycling needs.

Is the Nespresso Melozio for You?

If you love mild tasting coffee, the Nespresso Melozio is for you. Drink it as an espresso shot or as a full cup. It’s okay!

And if you also have some budget to spare, we recommend choosing this line.

  • Delicious light to moderate intense roast
  • Bold flavors
  • Makes a full-size cup of coffee
  • Pricey and small package

7. Nespresso Diavolitto – Best Intense Flavor

Key Takeaways

  • Dark roast
  • Compatible with Nespresso VertuoLine
  • 50 capsules


If you love dark and strong coffee, then we don’t doubt that you’ll fall in love with the Nespresso Diavolitto on your first sip.

When we think of the Diavolitto, we think of freshly ground and brewed coffee. It smells like home!

The smokey and nutty smell is so intense, you can almost taste it, which is why we love the Diavolitto so much.

Once you pop the pods in your machine, expect to fill the room with a fragrant coffee smell—such a dream. You’ll fall in love with its great taste and flavor immediately!

Thanks to 100% Arabica and Robusta beans, this powerful blend will punch you awake. The coffee intensity can wake you up during a groggy morning. You can even enjoy it for an all-nighter!


For a coffee product that packs a mean punch, you’d think the pods are expensive. But coffee lovers rejoice because the price is quite reasonable.

A pack containing 50 dark roast capsules costs $42.50, not bad! The cost per unit is $0.85, which is significantly less than what you’d spend in a coffee shop.

You can stack up for an entire month or buy more if you want!

Environmental Footprint

You can save the environment while enjoying your dark roast coffee. Thanks to the aluminum packaging, your coffee stays fresh even after a long period.

Once you’re done consuming the Nespresso compatible pods, you can send them the mail-in recycling program!

If not, you can send them to Nespresso boutiques for recycling.

Is the Nespresso Diavolitto for You?

If you love dark coffee, the Diavolitto will satisfy you. It’s not for the faint-hearted because it packs mean punch coffee lovers will love.

  • 100% arabica beans
  • Great consumer reviews
  • Smooth texture
  • The flavor is too intense for other people

What Should You Choose? Original or Third-Party Capsules?

By now, you’ve probably seen a vast collection of Nespresso capsules in the market. You might even have questions of your own.

Why should you use Nespresso compatible pods? What’s the difference between original and third-party capsules? Between the two, which should you choose?

Essentially, the two have the same results. A delicious cup of coffee within seconds!

Original Capsules

As its name suggests, the original capsules come from the Nespresso manufacturers themselves. They’re built especially for Nespresso machines.

silver and purple coffee capsules on a trophy beside a coffee machine, nespresso compatible capsule

If you prefer a traditional taste or stick to a familiar excellent tasting flavor, the original capsules won’t let you down.

Though original capsules tend to be a little more expensive, we find it a great choice.

In general, original capsules are “easy to use” since they’re compatible with most Nespresso coffee makers.

Third-Party Capsules

Independent manufacturers make third-party capsules. Nevertheless, the capsules are made to be compatible with Nespresso machines.

Pack of reusable steel coffee pods and coffee beans, nespresso compatible capsule

Some think that third-party capsules are inferior to the original ones, but that isn’t true!

The flavors are different but delicious! You might even discover some unique flavors that aren’t available in the original line!

If you’re looking for a cheaper alternative, third-party capsules will never fail you. There’s a variety of flavors to choose from for a great price point!

Factors to Consider when Choosing Nespresso Compatible Capsules

We’re sure you have different considerations of your own when choosing Nespresso compatible capsules.

In general, one of the most important considerations you’ll have in mind is flavor. And we don’t blame you! After all, you’re after the great tasting flavors!

Besides flavor, there are a few other considerations you need to take note of.

Machine Compatibility

There’s a ton of Nespresso machines in the market; however, not all of them are compatible with specific types of capsules.

Most often than not, the packaging indicates which Nespresso machine the capsules are compatible with.

So before you grab a pack of capsules, check if they’re compatible with the Nespresso machine you have at home.

You wouldn’t want to waste your hard-earned cash on capsules that aren’t Nespresso compatible. Such a nightmare!

Flavor Variety

One of the reasons we love using a Nespresso machine is the variety of coffee flavors we can choose from.

There are mild, moderate, and intense coffee flavors. The variety of coffee flavors is a dream to every coffee lover out there!

Nespresso capsules come in different varieties of flavor. It’s up to you which one you’d choose!

You can pick a pack that has different varieties if you’re feeling a little adventurous. Or you can stick to the same flavors each time. It’s up to you!

Intensity Level

The intensity level of the espresso is measured between a scale of 1 to 12.

Espresso beans that are in the range of 1-4 generally have a lighter taste. So if you aren’t into that strong and intense coffee flavor, you’d want to choose capsules within this range.

The range is also perfect for anyone just starting to get into coffee! Not too bitter and intense to taste. Just right.

Intensity range 5-7 is somewhere in between light and intense. For us, it’s a safe choice!

And finally, the intensity range of 8-12 has a strong and intense coffee flavor.

If you’re someone who loves your coffee with a strong caffeine kick, we recommend choosing an intensity level within this range.

Coffee Roast

Light to dark roast. Which should you choose?

4 different roasted coffee beans from green beans on the left to dark roast on the right, nespresso compatible capsule

In general, the coffee roast is a matter of preference, and there’s no right or wrong choice!

If you’re adventurous, you can try all the types of coffee roasts out there. Who knows, you might just find your favorite coffee?

A Dark Roast has a nice and intense flavor. It will surely give you that caffeine hit every single time.

Light roast, like its name suggests, is very easy to drink! The flavor is not too intense, so it’s the right choice if you’re looking for a roast that can satisfy your coffee thirst.

Coffee Origins

If you’re very particular with your coffee, then we’re sure you’ll appreciate knowing where your coffee comes from.

When we speak of origin, we don’t just speak of its geographical locations. Coffee origins play an essential role in terms of coffee flavor!

More often than not, your coffee’s origin is a crucial indicator of what taste to expect. Some offer 100% Arabica beans, Kona, and more!

Some beans grown from a variety of areas include Brazil, Colombia, USA, Hawaii, Indonesia, and more! You’ll never run out of places to choose from!

Number of Capsules in a Pack

The next most important thing you’d want to know is how many Nespresso compatible pods are there in a pack?

Others overlook these factors, but not us. We want to know the cost per unit so that we can get our money’s worth!

In general, each package comes with 50 Nespresso compatible pods. But you’d be surprised to find other compatible capsules which offer more, such as 120 capsules!

If you’re someone who loves to buy in bulk, then we’re sure you’ll appreciate a pack that has a ton of capsules.

But, if you’re not yet sure of the flavors you want, choose a small package that has a variety of pods.

You can sample the different coffee flavors and find something that suits you.

Top Picks

This review gave you a rundown of the Best Nespresso compatible capsules you can find in the market.

We’re telling you, all of them are worth your money. You’ll never regret choosing them!

But before we wrap things up, we’d like to share our top two picks: Peet’s Coffee Ricchezza and Nespresso OriginalLine Capsules Variety Pack.

Runner Up: Peet’s Coffee Ricchezza

With various Nespresso compatible capsules to choose from, the Peet’s Coffee Ricchezza is by far one of our favorites.

Each capsule packs excellent intensity, which every coffee or espresso coffee lover will love.

The flavors are in between mild to moderately intense, the perfect balance of flavor for everyone. For us, it’s the kind of coffee anyone wouldn’t dare pass on.

For its price, you’ll get more than what you paid for.

Winner: Nespresso OriginalLine Capsules Variety Pack

Hailing from the original manufacturers themselves, the variety pack is the best choice for everyone.

One pack comes with a variety of flavors to choose from, all of which are crowd favorites!

So if you don’t want to go all-in just yet, dip your foot in this variety pack. Taste everything, and maybe you’ll find that one pod you’ll end up loving.


We’re sure you’re already looking forward to getting your hands on the pods we’ve mentioned. Reading all about them isn’t just enough to satisfy your coffee craving!

We hope you enjoyed our review of the best Nespresso compatible capsules you can find today.

Feel free to share this article with your fellow Nespresso coffee lovers. Who knows, you might just help them find their new coffee favorite.

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